Vertical multistage condensate pump Overview: The vertical multistage condensate pump is a series of products developed by our factory with the design and manufacturing technology introduced from Hitachi, Japan. It is suitable for the condensate pump of large thermal power plant, including various specifications for 100, 125 (145), 200, 300, 600, 1000MW turbogenerator units. It can also be used as a high suction pump for pumping other liquids with physical and chemical properties similar to fresh water at a temperature not exceeding 80℃. Parameters: flow Q 230 ~ 1920 m3 / h head h 74 ~ 303 m model description: B640 (Ⅰ Ⅱ Ⅲ) - 5 - B 53-46 double suction spiral (after the second paragraph for single suction) guide vane type centrifugal cooling pump 640 - guide vane pump export nominal diameter mm Ⅰ - axial seal pump adopts mechanical seal Ⅱ - pump body under axial thrust Ⅲ - pump body under axial thrust, pump axial sealing adopts 5 - series of pump mechanical seal structure forms: condensate pump for vertical cylindrical, there are three kinds of structure forms: (1) Type A - primary stage double suction vane multistage centrifugal condensing pump; (2) Type B - primary stage double suction helical guide vane multistage centrifugal condensing pump; (3) Type C - primary stage double suction helical inclined flow multistage condensing pump unit is installed in direct connection; Axial force is borne by motor, also can be borne by pump body. Pump axial seal for packing seal, mechanical seal can also be used. Direction of rotation: From the motor to the pump, the pump is rotating counterclockwise. Material of main parts: First stage outer cylinder Q235-A/ stainless steel impeller stainless steel shaft 45 steel shell QT450-10 Complete set range: complete set supply pump, vertical motor. When the user orders, please indicate the main zero (part) material, if there are special requirements, please consult with the manufacturer about the technical requirements.

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